Interchangeable wheels

We recently had an interesting assessment that we wanted to share!


The Client, following rehab, now had the potential to use a self propelled shower/commode chair (they had been using a very basic attendant controlled chair, previously).

We took out the M2 Self Propelled and the client was able to use it beautifully giving him independence into the shower area…..he also loved the sleek design of the magnesium wheels, not only did this make the product look great but it made the chair easier to negotiate round tight corners

The only problem we found was the toilet was boxed in behind, which wouldn’t allow the seat to go far enough over the toilet (due to the self propelling wheels).

The family didn’t want to change the construction of the toilet and it was thought that the client would have to go back and be pushed into the shower in the attendant operated version because they wanted one product for both the toilet and the shower


We had two solutions to offer!

1) The M2 Self propelled has interchangeable back wheels, with quick release….no tools!!!! so this could be changed to give the client independence in the shower, but also allowing the chair to go over the toilet by simply changing the wheel type

2) Our M2 Motorised – Giving full independence by using the joystick control to drive independently into the shower, then allowing the chair to drive over the toilet bowl

Great solutions we thought to share for anyone faced with a similar scenario in the future!