Motorised Shower Chairs!

Not many people have heard of motorised shower chairs……well why would you!!!!….why would you need a motorised shower chair???

There are a few reasons, but here are the two most common

1) Independence – There are many children and adults that want to access the shower or toilet without a carer. You could argue that a self propel shower chair would achieve this, however due to some medical conditions, self propelling wheels can be difficult to use…especially at the end of a day when muscles can get tired.

Actually, thinking about it, we have provided 5 in the last two months to children/young adults between the ages of 12 and 16. All 5 children wanted to independently shower… and in 3 out of 5 cases, the bathrooms were not attached to the bedroom which meant a little distance to travel!. Charlie, a 12 year old boy was quite thin and the chair is quite wide (being originally designed for the heavier user) so we built in a support system so that the width between armrests were 15″. We’ve had feedback from all cases from parents commenting on how much of a difference this product is making to their child’s independence.

2) Bariatric Use – The great thing about the M2 Motorised is that the joystick control can also be mounted on the top of the frame to benefit carers. If you can imagine a person 30 stone in a shower chair and a situation whereas the transfer takes place to and from the bedroom into the shower room…..especially if the bedroom has a thick pile style carpet. This electronic controlled joystick then means the carer can safely transfer the user with minimal effort.

Another great feature for either self users or carers is the adjustable speed facility meaning that you have the choice of how fast the chair moves.

With this product also going over most household toilets it can be used over the toilet as well as in the shower

Theres not much training required either! its very easy to steer…..and can travel fast…..well… when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go!!

See more info on the M2 Motorised here

Thanks for your time reading this blog 🙂

Regards David Lynch, Product Specialist