300KG Neptun Shower Stool

The backrest can easily be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools.

Seats and backrest made in very soft PU foam.

The two seats can easily be detached.

User-adaptable backrest provides the greatest level of comfort.

The solid construction of the frame ensures a stable shower stool even at the max load of 300kg.

The stainless telescopic legs provide the shower stool with height adjustment in 3 levels: 49, 52 and 55cm.

Height-adjustable via clips (without the use of tools)


Made to fit larger users with the need of more space.

Seat width of 75cm meets the requirements of most users.

Reinforced to handle the max load of 300kg.

Seat and backrest can be cleaned in autoclave.

The stool in made entirely in stainless steel.


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