M2 300KG Standard/Wide

As standard it is delivered with big wheels of 125 mm, and one of the wheels is directional controlled.

It makes it a lot easier to move the chair, and thereby the working conditions of the helper.

The seat can easily be clicked on and off for cleaning.

The cover can be bought as an accessory.

The armrests can be swung up, and gives ideal accessibility when washing and nursing.


The M2 300 kg’s chairs are made for large users with a weight up to 300 kg.

They can be delivered with two different widths between the armrests; 60 cm, and 72 cm.

It is possible to lift up or take off the armrests with an easy grip.

The frame of the chairs is reinforced all the way around on both models;

However, they still manage to fit over a toilet.

In order to give room for the user on the seat, the back is moved further backwards.

The simple build of the chair, makes it easy to clean.

The seat can be clicked on and off and it has an integrated holder for bucket/bedpan.

Both models are delivered as standard with PU foam on the armrests.


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