M2 Gas-Tip

Can also be delivered with intimate seat (which is clicked off and on) With the chair follows a lid which covers the whole seat.

Large accessories program such as Height adjustable headrest, Height and depth adjustable headrest (Both the headrests can be adjusted in the width of the p.u. foam pillow.) ”Push-away” footrests and Leg supports which with the help of Velcro tape can be adjusted in the depth.

Is delivered as standard with locks on the armrests.

User friendly handle for the gas spring.

The depth on the back part is adjusted by 2 buckles.


Can be tipped 37 degrees backwards and 7 degrees forwards.

Is tipped with the help of a gas spring to relieve the helper.

Height adjustable in 4 seat heights:

55,5 cm-57,5 cm-59,5 cm-61,5 cm

Flexible washable back part in net-weave. The back part can be adjusted in the depth.

Can be delivered which 100 mm wheels (instead of the standard 125 mm), which gives a lowest seat height of 53 cm.

Comes as standard with: Normal seat, cover for the hole, p.u. Foam pillows for the armrests, lock on the armrests, double lockable 125 mm wheels on all 4 legs.


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