M2 Hip-Patient

When ordering a chair with ”hip-patient” seat do as follows:

Order the M2 version you want. F. x.:

M2 standard chair with armrests going straight up.

+ Possibly accessories f. x. pu foam pillows on armrests.

+ Extra charge for chair delivered with ”hip-patient” seat.

NB! M2-Tip, M2-XL and M2 with 24-inch wheels cannot be delivered with “hip-patient” seat.

NB! You can also get a Mounting kit for “hip-patient” seat function. (to be mounted on your own chair) (nb! It does not come with the pu foam seat. You use your own)


To get the right sitting position for users with hip problems the M2 shower/commode chairs can be delivered with a so called ”hip-patient” seat.

The seat can be tipped continuously variable up to app. 8 cm (=app. Max. 110).

The seat height at the back is easily adjusted with the help of a finger screw in each side.

The ”hip-patient” seat is mounted with strong metal fittings in stainless steel.

NB! With ”hip-patient” seat on a chair the seat cannot be clicked off and on (as normally).

The hip-patient function is here shown on an M2 standard chair with seat with extra large hole and armrests going straight up and pu foam pillows on the armrest (art. no. 310036 and 310043)


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