M2 Mini El-Tip

When tilted forward, the front edge of the seat is just 44 cm from the floor, when the shower/commode chair is in lowest position. This makes it easier to sit for users who are able to stand themselves.

Backrest, made of net-weave, is depth adjustable.

The backrest is equipped with 4 buckles, for maximum comfort, each separately adjustable.

Seat with gap and full covering lid is standard.


M2 mini el-tip is designed for small size users.


For users with disturbed balance and without the ability to sit in a regular shower/commode chair. Or for people who tend to fall/slide forward in a regular shower/commode chair, this chair exhibits a smooth and uninterrupted movement between its maximum positions, the action assures complete comfort and convenience for the user.

The smooth tilt and the wide range of accessories available, ensures safety while showering (and using the toilet function).

The waterproof motor (IP 65) can tilt the seat 37 degrees backwards and 7 degrees forward.

The shower commode chair is height adjustable in 5 positions: 46 cm, 48 cm, 50 cm, 52 cm & 54 cm above the ground.


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