Neptun Height Adjustable Shower Stool

Air filled plastic seat, which you can click off (for cleaning a.s.o.).The seat is with a nobly surface and with water grooves.

The frame is designed to make it very easy to clean.

The backrest is put on with two clips.

It can be adjusted in two depths.

The air filled plastic part can be clicked off (for cleaning a.s.o.)

The Height is adjusted with clips.


Made in stainless steel (Telescopic legs in aluminium).

Very comfortable seat and backrest.

Very easy to clean.

Very easy to adjust height (43-64 cm)

Backrest (=accessory) can be put on and taken off without using tools.

The backrest can be adjusted in two depths.

The shower stool comes in two different widths (41 and 50 cm)


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