Neptun Super Soft Height Adjustable Shower Stool

Soft PU seat that snaps on easily onto the frame. The seat has grooves and holes for draining excess water from the seat.

Extra soft seat for even higher comfort.

Seat height is adjusted with clips.

The backrest is mounted with clips, and adjustable in two different depths.

The foam piece on the back can be removed for cleaning.


This version of our famous Neptun Shower Stool is fitted with a very soft PU foam seat and backrest (Backrest is an accessory)

Made from stainless steel (with telescopic legs made of aluminium)

Very easy to clean.

Easily height adjustable (43-64 cm)

The backrest can be mounted or removed without the use of tools.

The backrest is depth adjustable in two steps.

The stool is available in two widths (41 and 50 cm)

Seat and back can be cleaned in disinfecting bedpan washers.


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